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Logistics and transports organisations need to be controlled regularly, operational constraints limiting your performance must be identified and continuous improvement plans must be implemented to maintain / enhance permanently your results.

Using either an audit approach, based on best-in-class referential such as SCOR, ASLOG or SCM PME, or through a direct operational diagnosis approach, Alpha Logistics Consulting will run for you such audit or diagnosis of your logistics & transport operations.

  • Choosing an adapted methodology or referential

  • Conducting audit / diagnosis with your teams members

  • Preparing reports, sharing conclusion

  • Defining improvement plans, costing evaluation, ROI calculations

  • Supporting the implementation of improvement plans

  • Measuring improvement actions impact

Audit & operations diagnosis are better handled by professionals outside your organisation. With neutrality, basing our approach on facts & figures only, we will find together the most adapted ways to boost your performance. Hand us your audits & operations diagnosis to upgrade the performance of your logistics & transport operations.

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Educating / training of your team members is an essential management act to reinforce professional performance and motivation. In a time of fast evolution of methodological approaches and professional practices, but also in order to revisit the base knowledge of supply chain management, train your teammates. Alpha Logistics Consulting has a long experience of education, both in the academic as well as the professional world.

  • Logistics project management: project management tools and methods, adapted to a logistics environment, all technical sections included [warehouse, logistics equipments purchasing, IT set up, recruitments, processes …] to prepare a safe & sound operations background.

  • Supply Chain management: general training for non experts willing to learn / understand the basic of supply chain organisation.

  • Stock management: technical education of stock management, including all aspects [forecasting, stock analysis, order point, batch quantities …] and plenty of exercises.

  • Warehousing: extensive survey of a warehouse, learning the why’s and how’s as well as all the technical details required to run a profitable operation.

  • Audit & diagnosis: learn the tools and methodologies of auditing & operational diagnosis to acquire the skills needed to perform these activities yourself.

All our training / education sessions are modular, based on half-day sessions and adapted to the knowledge level of the attendees. We can develop a planning specifically adapted and respectful of the professional commitments of your team members.

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The industrial world is constantly reshaping itself. Through globalisation, competition and market evolution, your customers, providers, partners, products are changing and so should change the way you are managing your physical & information flows.

Alpha Logistics Consulting is your partner for analysing and defining what these changes should be. With a solid experience of operations management and sourcing / distribution networks evolutions, we are proposing adequate services to support your decision making process:

  • Analysis of physical & information flows

  • Analysis of sourcing & distribution networks changes

  • Decision making support, strategic positionning analysis

  • Set up of new networks

  • Operations & financial KPI / control boards

Together we will analyse your needs and define an adapted approach.

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Your logistics projects can be of multiple forms and shapes: implementation of a new warehouse, a sourcing / distribution transport network, a supply chain management team or a new logistics sub-contractor …

Whatever your logistics project may be, Alpha Logistics Consulting is supporting you. Using best in class project management techniques adapted to a logistics environment, we are offering support the overall project perimeter:

  • Warehousing & transport project management

  • Definition physical & information flows

  • Designing & analysing operating processes

  • Warehousing layout design

  • Negotiating purchasing / rental of storage & handling material

  • Defining operational & financial KPI / control boards

  • Defining EDI architecture and information exchange between partners

  • Analysing TMS & WMS required functionalities, preparing requirements reports

  • Supporting purchasing of IT equipments

  • Recruitment & training of operational teams

  • Supporting operational go-live

Our modular approach ensures you have the choice of what you want us to do for you.

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In an ultra-competitive world, certifying your logistics and transport operations may be a decisive advantage to stay ahead of your competition, when these certifications are not mandatory to be an accepted player of your markets. Certifications are a double advantage, demonstrating your commitment as well as guarantying your operations.

  • Quality certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 …

  • Industrial sectors certifications: Seveso, HACCP, TAPA …

  • Industrial partners certifications: automotive industries ….

Alpha Logistics Consulting certification expertise is providing you with a decisive help in your preparation.

  • Analysing referential to be implemented

  • Managing certification project teams

  • Managing implementation action trackers

  • Measuring output of preparation work

  • Preparing certification audits, readiness assessment, dry runs & tests

  • Supporting certification audits

  • Support à l’audit final

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